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About Azilaa

Azilaa is an exquisite antique fashion designer jewelry brand that makes beautifully crafted handmade gemstone studded jewelries for today’s versatile women. What started as a hobby back in 2006, has now grown as one of the most trusted and loved fashion designer jewelry brands for women and one of the fastest growing online fashion jewelry brands in India.

Azilaa specializes in precious and semiprecious gemstones studded jewelries. This form of fashion jewelries are gaining popularity because of their value as well as craftsmanship that carries same set of quality that was anticipated years ago. The best part of gemstone jewelry is it is timeless.

Azilaa’s designer lines of jewelry includes earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, jewelry sets, rings, and anklets. The company also specializes in sterling silver with a large variety of semi-precious stone jewelry collections. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted with great care by retaining the value of the art and the purity of the jewel over everything else.

Celebrating Womanhood

A Jewelry is considered as "Abhushan" which enhances the beauty of women. At Azilaa, we are on a mission to celebrate the beauty of every woman by preserving the ancient form of artistically designed handmade jewelries. We understand today’s women and her fashion needs. We believe what she wears is how she presents herself to the world. Whether you are a corporate professional, or a college girl, or a party hopper, or a girl next door, or a stay at home mom, we have something to suit your style and needs for every occasion.

Preserving Art as well as Artisans

We are a small but passionate team. Each of us at Azilaa puts a lot of effort to bring an idea to its finished form. We take pride for preserving the art and heritage of this country. Our jewellery is made by our highly skilled artisans in our own studio. Made in India with love.

Azilaa’s designer line of handmade fashion jewelries are available only at it’s flagship online store azilaa.com.

About the founders

Anjali is the Chief Designer and Co-founder of Azilaa, an exquisite antique fashion designer jewellery online brand. As a Chief Designer she brings in her extensive knowledge about gemstones, design innovations, and production management and creates exclusive fashion jewelry inspired from antique jewelry designs. Anjali’s aim is to promote the dying art of making exclusive handcraft style jewelry and also create more opportunities for the artisan.

Her entrepreneurial journey started 11 years ago when she decided to give up her corporate career and follow her passion for jewelry design. Anjali is an Alumnus from Gemological Institute of America, California and also PGDBA from Symbiosis.
Pravin is the Co-founder and director of Azilaa, an exquisite antique fashion designer jewellery online brand. He is the main architect and brain behind azilaa.com. Pravin brings vast experience in technology and management from his corporate career. He manages the strategy and operations of the company. Since joining full time in 2015, Pravin has streamlined the entire online and offline operations of the company and led the team successfully.

Prior to joining Azilaa, Pravin had spent 15 years in India and US working with various tech companies including Infosys, CEI America, and HCL. Pravin has attended Business Data Analytics Program at IIM Kolkata and is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee.
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