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A day dedicated to celebrate Independence

A day dedicated to celebrate Independence

August 10, 2018

‘I am proud to be an Indian’, how often have you heard or said this idiom? With our ever evolving minds, we are often challenged by manifold troubles, but the struggles the leaders and the people in army have went through wile striving to make a free-India is unmatchable. A dream of those brave men and women who have faced the bullet and went through gallows undergo many unsaid stories which are nowhere mentioned in Indian freedom history. The hopes and aspirations they carried for a British-free India was surely a dream to aspire.

Independence Day has to be an ideal day to introspect how far have we come and achieved our goal of fulfilling the dreams of the people who fought for our nation. Also, it could be a day to give a tribute to them by inculcating a love feeling for the country. This way the countrymen will be truly empowered. As we are stepping into the 72nd year of our dear nation’s independence, let’s celebrate and show our patriotic appetite with warm hearts. Brimming with feelings full of patriotism, we rarely get a chance to express it publicly, or even introvertedly. Well, the opportunity is right here to show your real Indian flavor. Check out the list of how you can make the best out of this special day.

Send a message

We sleep safely in our beds because of the people who are keeping themselves awake late at the light at borders. Their devotion is beyond any praise or award. We can strengthen their spirit and thank them by sending a message through social media or via writing a letter to them. These patriotic heroes have sacrificed a lot to keep their and our country safe. Let's send or write a heart-warming message of gratitude and thank them for what they are doing for our nation.

Take part in flag hoisting ceremony

Don't you feel proud to while looking at the flag unfurling and rising high up in the air? Well, this could be a proud moment for any. Don't miss an opportunity to salute the unfurling tri-color flag and redeem the pledge of protecting it. Feel the pure vibes within on this special day and encourage your friends to become a part of this proud moment.

Wear traditional and ethnic

Bask in the glory of Indian wear, be it a kurta and pyjama for males and saree or suit for females. Clad yourself in the try colors. Not even with the attire but you can try doing it with the jewellery as well. Pick handmade necklace or a bracelet with tri-color beads which easily match your outfit and indeed with the patriotic feeling you are holding in your heart. Trust us, it could be the most prominent part of you.

Garner your surroundings with tricolour

Be it your study table or office desk or any part of the room, make a little effort by decorating it with flag colors. Adorn the ambiance and surroundings with trinkets that symbolize freedom. You can also blow balloons or can make a collage of freedom fighters, can write freedom quotes on a chart paper. Get yourself delve deep into the spirit of independence.

Watch patriotic movies

Plan a movie marathon, not from your regular list but the patriotic movies like Border, Chak De India, Rang De Basanti etc. Patriotic movies motivate you to step ahead and do something good for the betterment of the society. There are many more such classics that you can think of this special day. You can also keep yourself busy humming few patriotic songs which have always inspired us.

Eat Indian Food

We are living in a globalized world, where we love to relish our palette with the variety of food from different countries and nations. Why not try a fun experiment this Independence day by just sticking to exclusive Indian food, originated and made in India, and if it home cooked then it would be an add-on. Forget about pasta and pizzas, let relish the South Indian cuisines, or north Indian delicacies instead.

Start discussing with your friends and family today and look out the best possible options to celebrate and to fly in the glory of freedom. Keep up the spirit and feel proud to be the citizen of free India. Happy Independence Day!
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