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How designing evolved in FIFA World Cup Trophy?

How designing evolved in FIFA World Cup Trophy?

July 12, 2018

The art of designing is inspired by many emotions; the desire of beauty, the need for acceptance and an urge to impress and motivate people. The need to express reverence, loyalty, and remembrance, have driven designers across the world to dream since the beginning of art and time. Artisans while designing keeps all the love, commitment, and faith in mind to give the best shape which would be a symbol of long life commitment.

Football being one of the most celebrated game in the world has always been in a league to revered by the footballers and its fans. Being one of the highly watched games, where half of the population is glued to their TV sets, it has evolved and has gained much popularity over the years. Believe it or not, in 1983, the trophy was stolen from the cabinet at Brazilian Football Confederation’s headquarters in Rio de Janerio. There are lot more stories which are way more interesting than looking at the scorecard of the clubs and footballers.

How designing evolved in FIFA World Cup Trophy?

Pic Credit - welcome18.com

The plentiful myths and legends surrounding the football No.1 prize has often made you wonder about, how did the FIFA World Cup Trophy come from? Who created it? Or what is the history behind it? Well, this blog has reached right there to calm your curiousness.

It was in 1930 when the first ever FIFA World Cup Trophy was designed by a French Sculptor Abel Lafleur. The cup depicted the ancient goddess of victory, holding a decagonal cup aloft. Made with gold-plated sterling silver and lapis lazuli base, this shimmering beauty stool tall and had all the appreciation and love of the onlookers. The trophy was first named as ‘Victory’, but later it was renamed in the honour of FIFA President Jules Rimet. This trophy was bagged by Uruguay on 30th July 1930. From the traditionalist view of designing, he let his imagination go in any direction to wish and create a free-spirited yet meaningful theme. Similar to what other designers do with their imagination, he too was passionate to get it right and precise after several failures and rejections. But his hard work and artistry finally paid him off and this beauty continued to radiate its glitter and serve this formalized association till 1970.

How designing evolved in FIFA World Cup Trophy?

Pic Credit - ibtimes.co.uk

Creativity is not constant. After handing-over the original trophy, which has made the world go crazy, to Brazil, Sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga revamped the cup by giving it a new concept and design. This new astonishing beauty was made with 18 Karat gold, has a unique concept of an athlete holding and embracing the world in his arms. It symbolizes strength, victory, freedom, and commitment. His dedication and zest to create this new design made him stayed in his studio for a week. However, the trophy is made of solid and gold the intricate detailing was a challenge to many artists and sculptors. Adding more to the party. This amazingly crafted FIFA World Cup Trophy will have no more space for new engravings till 2038. 6 Nations have already won this since 1974, till then let’s keep guessing whose kitty it will fall into this year?

How designing evolved in FIFA World Cup Trophy?

Pic Credit - fifa.com

For some, this might just be done with few detailing and other simplistic guidelines. Many of today’s artisans create a visual language, regardless of the methods, they continue to evolve throughout the creation process. Sometimes subtle tweaks and patterns and textures in the designs are inevitable once they start designing. But again, these alterations, aesthetic, and intricacy continue, as the masterpiece evolves at the hand of the craftsman.

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