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Teej: The Riot of Colors and Celebrations

August 10, 2018

The arrival of monsoon brings a variety of festivals and numerous celebrations, especially for women. One such festivity which is rooted in Indian tradition and strong connection to Indian mythology is Teej. It is celebrated with much joy and fanfare in several states of the country. But usually, it is famous in North India. Every state holds a unique importance depending upon their culture and ritual. While peacocks amidst lush green landscape are celebrating the arrival of the monsoon with dancing, women in India celebrate it by singing songs, swaying on the tree swing and dressing up.

Teej has always been pragmatic as the festivity of the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The feasting and the fasting marked during this tenure of their marriage but also seek divine blessings of gods for a blissful marriage. It is, therefore, it is the most special and important occasion for married women and young girls who are going to get married soon. There are a few elements that have beautifully accentuated the celebration of this cheerful festival:

Teej Fast: This is one of the most difficult fasts which is equivalent to Karwa Chauth. It is a day-long fast where women along with her friends and family gather to have a gulp of food in the midnight. During this fast, women are not supposed to have a single sip of water. To keep themselves busy and occupied they indulge themselves in different games, chats, swings, songs, shopping and other forms of interesting activities.

A tradition to admire: Riot of colors, cheerful surroundings, and women dressed up in traditional clothes is truly a treat to eyes. They generally prefer wearing shades of red, yellow, orange and green. Because these colors are believing to be auspicious among all. Lehengas, sarees or Indo-western, they start shopping for such stuff days before. This colourful and joyful festival gives them all the reasons to look their best in their favorite attire.

Traditional Jewellery: Jewellery which is one of the most important aspects for a woman while dressing up can be seen in different varieties, styles, and patterns. On internet you’ll find the collection of most exclusive and unique traditional jewellery ever. From temple jewellery to chokers, ethnic necklaces to chandelier designer earrings, you’ll have the plethora of option to choose from which will signify the significance of the festival and the beauty of a woman.

Mehandi and Aalta: This is one of the most important rituals which are being followed in all the states of the country across, be it any festival or celebration. Women apply Mehandi and aalta on their hands and feet as it is considered as the symbol of blissful marriage and a happy married woman. You could find intricate designs in heena, which looks as beautiful as ornate woman.

Teej Pooja: While all the bliss and celebrations are continuing, women assemble at one place with their pooja samgari and perform some rituals to complete the tradition. They read stories, sings folks songs and finally have a meal after a long day fasting.

Teej: The Riot of Colors and Celebrations

Shrinjhara: Now comes the best part, where the fasting lady would finally be bestowed with the blessing of her husband and in-laws through Teej gifts. It would contain anything from an outfit to jewellery, or some accessory to even sweets.

Teej festival is not just about following the long-followed ritual but about getting closer to your tradition in a fun way. Traditional dances, colourful attires, music and other cultural programmes have let women enjoy it wholeheartedly.
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