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Tips & Tricks to Take Care of Your Pearls

Tips & Tricks to Take Care of Your Pearls

Pearls, the most feminine word a woman could hear. Pearls are classic and iconic and are forever irrespective of its age. They are an eternal addition to any women’s jewellery wardrobe and adds radiance to anyone wearing them. Be it retro, vintage, modern or traditional, pearls always ace the list while buying jewellery set online. However, as shiny as pearls are, they are the most delicate gems by nature. Azilaa’s astonishing collection of pearl jewellery is one of the most desired collection a woman has ever wished for. But it must be cleaned, cared and handled properly to prolong its allure. Read on to learn how to care got your precious pearls.

Wear it wisely

  • . When getting dressed up, pearl jewellery should always be the last item that you should put before heading to any party. Moistures, creams, foundations, lotions, perfumes etc. contains reacting chemicals that can fade away the natural luster over a certain period.
  • . Never wear pearl jewellery while swimming and exercising. Chlorine and other harmful chemicals in the water may discolor it.
  • . Always avoid wearing it while cooking in the kitchen. They are very prone to corrosion by even mild acid contact like vinegar, lime juice etc.

Clean it carefully

  • . Always wipe it immediately after taking them off with a soft cloth or fibre cloth to avoid scratches.
  • . Never use harsh cleaners and solutions that contain ammonia in it. Always clean it with mild soap and water.
  • . Never dip or soak your pearl necklace or any other jewellery made with the pearl in water, this could weaken the string that holds the beads together.

Tips & Tricks to Take Care of Your Pearls

Store it safe

  • . Always keep your pearl jewelleryseparately to avoid scratches and rubbing against other metal jewellery. Take special care while travelling.
  • . Store it in a silk, suede or velvet pouch. Any other rough fabric may wane the surface of the gemstone.
  • . Always exposure to direct sunlight or heat. Keep it away from the stove, top of the refrigerator or television.
  • . It is also suggested to not keep the pearl jewellery in an enclosed space for a long time as the lack of air may make it dry leading to look dull and discolored.

Tips & Tricks to Take Care of Your Pearls

Restring it Regularly

  • . If you think that the strings of your pearl necklace are losing its strength or turning black, then change the string as it may break it.
  • . Keep a close check on the knots between the pearls that prevents rubbing of pearl beads with each other.

Tips & Tricks to Take Care of Your Pearls

As now you know how to keep your pearls jewellery safe, classy and elegant forever, you can check out Azilaa’s stunningly handmade pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings and jewellery sets on the website. These helpful tips will guide you to make the right choice among all the designer jewellery options available online.
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