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Top 10 benefits of Ruby gemstone

Top 10 benefits of Ruby gemstone

July 19, 2018

Lustrous, enriched with royalty and magical spells, Ruby, the birthstone of July is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. It is amongst the hardest minerals found beneath the surface of the earth. It makes it the choice to have an engagement ring studded with it. Its supreme rigidity and red glow consequently make this beautiful stone a symbol of enduring love. It is also believed that if it is possessed by the right owner, the color of this gemstone gets darker in the presence of evils and becomes lighter when once it gets influenced by the angels.

Ruby is amongst the most cherished and loved precious stone throughout the royal era. It is known to be associated with power and prestige. The wealthy and the royal families of India used to wear jewellery made this stunning gem. Which could be composed of necklaces for women, designer earrings, bangles, rings etc. Since then, Ruby continued to be in vogue and most desired stone of all time. Wearing a Ruby gemstone in any form helps you concentrate better. It also helps you to expand and cherish your bond with your loved ones.

People in a different profession can take benefit from this most desired stone. No matter who you are, a scientist, an artist, a teacher, or a learner, it keeps your heart and mind open to let and adopt new things efficiently. It makes you a good human being, by making you feel things around you. It gives you a more advanced life and love. Being the stone of the Lord Sun, Ruby is believed to make your all days glad and bloom in yellow. Yes, all days, including SUN-day. Other astrological and health benefits of wearing ruby are:

  • • Enhances creativity

  • • Boosts self-confidence

  • • Makes you decisive

  • • Builds charismatic personality

  • • Brings leadership qualities

  • • Fights depression

  • • Inculcates love, passion, and commitment

Top 10 benefits of Ruby gemstone

The basic human need to wear and own such rare stones is deemed either with the astrological phycology or an ornamental bliss. Perhaps these are the only two reasons that explain the lure of these birthstones, especially Ruby. Let your month of birth, your traits and your personality be represented and embraced by this beautiful gemstone. You can explore more gemstone and gemstone jewellery on our website. You can also comment, share and tag your July-born friends to make them aware of their birthstone. Don’t miss our monthly birthstone and zodiac guide. Enjoy Reading!
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